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Achim Rink


Achim Rink, born in 1966, studied mechanical engineering after completing his apprenticeship as a mechanic. After an employment in mold making, he spent fifteen years at a world market leader in industrial electrical and electronic engineering, as an assistant to the company´s CEO, project manager for new manufacturing plants in China and Brazil and department head in purchasing. Subsequently, he changed to an Tier 1 in the electronics automotive business as "area manager of material management". Further professional positions were responsible tasks in the area of consumer electronics as well as in plant engineering.


  • Cost optimization in all areas, in particular direct and indirect material
  • Adjusting purchasing departments and the supplier portfolio to changed conditions
  • Optimization of service organizations, in particular for designing of a service-oriented supply chain
  • Support for systematic purchasing in low-cost countries
  • Construction of Organizations in China, Intercultural Training "China"
  • Negotiation, negotiation management and training
  • Framework-oriented leadership
  • "Train the Trainer"


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