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Norbert Müller

advacon is a completely atypical consulting firm. We draw the benefit for our clients not only from our acquired knowledge – but even more so from the skills gained over many years of proven successful practice.

That’s why we know what to do when the following and many other services are requested:

  • Sustainably profitable growth of the company
  • Increased utilization of international business opportunities
  • The development of the corporate culture into a force field with incentives for exceptional performance
  • Sustainable safeguarding of the competitiveness through cost efficiency and continuous productivity improvement

Best Practice

Positive feedback to Norbert Müllers lecture "Successful in competition: With a corporate culture characterized by a passionate will to win"

The most recent judgment on Norbert Müller’s presentation entitled: "Successful in competition: With a corporate culture characterized by a passionate will to win" on October 10, 2014

„Your lecture has been rated “outstanding” by the audience!“

Thomas Rühl
chairman of the board of management, Cursor AG, Gießen


For five decades, Norbert Müller, born in 1943, was passionately committed to building a world-leading company – from three to ultimately 11,000 employees. During the last eight years of his activity for the company, he held the post of chairman of the management board.

Today, Norbert Müller advises and motivates numerous companies with his practice-tested knowledge and proven track record in various advisory and supervisory boards. His always topical and motivating presentations inspire the listeners on many different occasions. The sponsorship of young management talent is Norbert Müller’s particular concern: As initiator and supporter of the dual study programs at the Technical University of Central Hesse (THM), he is now CEO of the CompetenceCenter Duale Hochschulstudien StudiumPlus (CCD).

Norbert Müller is available to assist you as your trusted partner in the context of the following consulting topics, to name a few:


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Lectures by Norbert Müller

  • Developing corporate culture into a force field with the 10 x I formula
  • The global challenges for “Made in Germany”
  • Successful teams are more than the sum of their members
  • How medium-sized enterprises successfully conduct international business
  • Globalizing successfully
  • From vision to innovation
  • Total customer orientation
  • What, if anything, still argues for "Made in Germany"?